Office Window Cleaning

Pure Cleaning Scotland offers office window cleaning for offices and business premises throughout the Central Belt of Scotland.

We know how important first impressions are, whether it is the first time you meet a person, or visit a company or business. Dirty, unclean windows stand out! Customers may not always notice clean windows but they will notice and be put off by dirty windows. Windows that are not regularly cleaned can make a building look desolate and closed for business.

Your office and reception area may be spotless inside and you may think that is enough, however if a potential client has already noticed the grotty windows they may be on alert for other areas of shoddiness. Without consciously realising, they may have the impression that your company cuts corners where possible.

Highly Rated Office Window Cleaners Near You

We believe that we are one of the best office window cleaning companies in Glasgow and Edinburgh because we are experienced and provide an excellent service. To achieve this we always use deionized water for washing the windows of commercial buildings.

What is Deionized Water?

Deionization is a method of purification. The process removes minerals from the water to leave the water pure. But why bother? After all if tap water is safe to drink then why not use it for cleaning windows. Deionized water is clever. Not only does it leave windows sparkling clean, as it is the mineral traces in tap water that leave the streaks, but it also attracts the dirt when you are cleaning.

If you use deionized water it means you no longer need to use a cleaning chemical to clean the window before rinsing it. Benefits of using deionized water include:

cleaning office windows with deionized water and water fed pole.

Office window cleaning

  • No chemicals are used
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning
  • Speed
  • Cleaner windows
  • Streak free windows
  • Easier to clean high windows as a water fed pole can be used

If you have been having your windows cleaned with soap and water, it may take a few washes with deionized water before all the old chemical residue has been removed.

Equipment to Clean Office Windows

Glasgow office buildings with clean windows

Glasgow by the Clyde

Many commercial buildings in Glasgow and Edinburgh are over 2 storeys high and require specialist equipment to clean their windows. As professional, commercial cleaners, we have trained our staff to use the most appropriate window cleaning method to ensure the safety of our window cleaners, and to ensure our clients get an excellent service that results in sparkling, clean windows every time. Depending on the height of your building and size of windows we may use water fed poles, mobile platforms or even rope access.

How Often Should Office Windows Be Cleaned?

Each office and commercial building is unique. Clients can choose how often they would like our service, however in most cases we will visit the site and advise our client. It may be that some windows are cleaned more often than others.

Please get in touch for an office window cleaning quote. We also offer a full range of office cleaning services and janitorial services.