Does Cleaning Make You Happy?

I haven’t conducted a survey but I do believe if I ask my colleagues and friends what makes them happy, cleaning won’t be at the top of their list. The answers are more like to be going out with friends, playing with my children, or playing their favourite sport.

Reasons Why Cleaning Makes You Happy

There is evidence, both scientific and anecdotal that back up the theory that cleaning can make you happy.

Endorphins – The Natural High

One of the many reasons that exercise is good for us, is that it produces endorphins which make us feel good and happy. The same natural high can be obtained from cleaning. Spend an hour cleaning your home and you will burn some calories and produce endorphins that will make your feel happy.

Man doing housework

Housework Makes Men Happier

Scientists at Cambridge University studied 30,000 men from 34 different countries to find out about gender equality across Europe. Part of their findings were, that the more housework men did, the happier they became. Whether happiness came from the act of cleaning, or because they felt less guilty because they were doing their share of the housework is unknown.

Messy home needing cleaned and tidied

Remove the Clutter

Another study discussed in PsychologyToday states that women who described their homes as cluttered were more likely to feel depressed and fatigued. The women that described their homes as restful were much happier. Another good reason to spend some time cleaning and removing unnecessary material objects from our lives.

Feel Good Factor

Many of us will procrastinate and avoid cleaning regularly. Or maybe have such hectic lives that cleaning your home is far down the list of things that need to be done. We know we have to do it though. Even if you believe you don’t mind clutter and mess you know that for your own health and wellbeing, cleaning is a necessity. Once you force yourself to actually get on and clean and tidy your home you do feel great once it is done. You can enjoy your home again now that it smells fresh and looks clean. This is when you promise yourself to do it more often so that it is not such a big job next time. The satisfaction of completing a task has made you happier.

Lady cleaning and singing with her mop

Taking Control

Most of our lives are busy and we can’t control all parts of our daily lives. Cleaning and tidying your home is one place where you have total control. You can play loud music while you clean or spend some time in total silence allowing your brain to calm while you work. You can spend 15 minutes running around with the vacuum cleaner and picking up discarded clothes from the floor, or a whole day cleaning and re-organising. It is your choice. It is your home and the place where you should be happy and calm. Caring for you home and being in control is another great way to feel happy.

Happy At Work

There are many factors which can help make us happy or miserable at work. One of these is our work environment. I’m not going to suggest you turn up to work with your mop and cloth to clean your office but keeping your work environment clean and tidy does benefit us mentally.

If you work at a desk that is strewn with documents, old coffee cups, pens and sweetie wrappers it is not conducive to being productive. Keep your workspace clean and tidy. It will improve your energy and daily mood. It will also present a better image to your colleagues and clients.

If your office is making you feel ill because it needs a good clean, then highlight it to management. There are many reasons why a company should provide staff with a clean working environment. Not only will it reduce staff sick days but a happier workforce is more productive.

Finally, if you have decided cleaning is really not for you, then please get in touch to book one of our happy cleaners. We will make your home or office a cleaner and happier place to spend time.

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