Why Commercial Cleaning is an Investment, Not an Expense

You probably don’t give much thought to office cleaning.  You’ve got a business to run.  Maybe a shop, a dealership, a consultancy.  The details don’t matter.  What matters is that how clean your office is, probably sits pretty low on your list of priorities.

office that has been cleaned by commercial cleaners

Perhaps that’s why you’ve never taken the step of hiring commercial cleaners.  You ask staff to keep their desks tidy.  There are plenty of waste paper baskets.  Someone runs a vacuum cleaner around every now and then. It may not sparkle like something out of an advert, but it’s good enough to let you get on with the job.  If office cleaning happens without using commercial cleaners, surely that’s an expense you can do without?


Except it’s not.  Commercial cleaning is an investment, not an expense.  The environment in which you do your business matters.  It matters to you, it matters to your staff and, most of all, and it’s going to matter to your customers.  If you’re not serving food and drink then office cleaning may seem like a detail.  Here are just 5 ways in which professional cleaning services are going to impact on your bottom line.

  1. First Impressions Count

    When a potential client visits your business you may assume their chief concerns are practical.  What can you do for them?  How will you do it?  What will it cost?  On one level you’re probably right.  They’ll also be making a judgement on the kind of people you seem to be.  Whether they even realise it, how clean your space is will have an impact on this.  The use of commercial cleaners will make you look professional.  It will make you look like you care.  It will help to seal the deal.

  2. Healthy Staff

    Staff get ill.  There’s no avoiding this.  Ill members of staff often come into work, however they sneeze and then touch door handles, telephones and light switches.  Germs spread and before you know it people are off sick.  Lacklustre office cleaning will add to this problem.  Getting your office cleaned commercially will mean more than just looking better.  It will mean a healthier working environment, happier healthier staff and less time lost through illness.

  3. Focussed Staff

    Where there are people, there is mess.  It’s an unavoidable fact.  Asking your staff to act as part time cleaners dealing with this mess is a waste of their time and energy.  You can sit down and figure this out. Work out how many hours per week your staff spend clearing desks, emptying waste paper bins, tidying kitchen areas and so on.  Calculate what these hours cost you in wages.  Then compare that to what good commercial cleaners will cost.  Add in the other advantages of professional cleaning and a clear cash dividend will emerge.

  4. Protect Your Assets

    No matter what kind of business you run, the fixtures and fittings cost money: carpets, sofas, curtains, desks.  They all need to be purchased in the first place and replaced when they wear out.  Getting them professionally cleaned will help to protect from the worst effects of wear and tear.  Ingrained dirt plays a part in breaking down fabrics and commercial cleaners will make sure it doesn’t build up.  Money spent on cleaning is money saved on fixtures and fittings.

  5. Equipment

    Good cleaning needs equipment.  In fact, even bad cleaning needs equipment.  Mops, buckets, cloths and vacuum cleaners. Polish, bleach, carpet shampoo and so on. It all costs money and it all needs space to be stored. Hire commercial cleaners, and this is yet another expense that you can cross off the list.

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