Benefits of Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning

Tenancy AgreementAll tenants want their deposit returned at the end of their let. To ensure you get your full deposit returned you need to check your tenancy agreement as it will stipulate the condition the property should be left in when you move out.

The tenancy agreement will state:

  • The amount of the deposit.
  • Who is responsible for decoration, maintenance and repairs.
  • Who is responsible for the garden.
  • The state the property must be left at the end of the lease and in what circumstances the deposit will not be returned.

You should leave a rented property in the state you got it. It should be in move-in condition for new tenants.

All this can be done by yourself if you have the time. However, getting ready to move, working and cleaning your property to the standard necessary can be far too stressful and time-consuming. If you contract a professional end of tenancy cleaning company you will benefit from:

  • A property that is spotlessly clean which will get your deposit returned.
  • The cleaning company providing the cleaning products and tools.
  • The carpets cleaned using professional carpet cleaning machines.
  • If you are in a flat a few storeys up a professional cleaning company will be able to clean the windows inside and outside.
  • A sparkling clean oven and hob.
  • They will be insured to do this work. If you attempt carpet cleaning yourself with a hired machine and it goes wrong you may have to replace the carpet.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

Professional end of tenancy cleaners will have worked with many landlords and tenants and without even looking at a cleaning checklist will know exactly what is expected. Before hiring an end of tenancy cleaner, it would be wise to ask exactly what they include in their cleaning service and check that it corresponds with your tenancy agreement. Some cleaning companies may include carpet cleaning in the price whereas others may see this as a paid extra.

Most Landlords will be able to provide you with a cleaning checklist or their final inspection checklist so that you can ensure the cleaning is done to the right standard. The property must be left in move-in condition. At a quick glance it may look clean and smell fresh, however, have you checked the following:

    kitchen cleaned for end of tenancy clean - spotless

  • The insides of cupboards are clean.
  • All bins are empty and have been cleaned.
  • All kitchen appliances are spotless ie the oven, hob, microwave, toaster, fridge.
  • All tiles and grout have been cleaned.
  • Mirrors are spotless.
  • Dust has been removed from window blinds.
  • Skirting boards are clean.
  • All fingers marks are removed from switches and sockets.
  • The tops of wardrobes and cupboards that you can’t see have been cleaned.
  • The washing machine is clean. Remember the rubber seal and the soap dispenser.

5 End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips

  1. When you look at your cleaned property consider if you would be happy moving in without cleaning it again? Anything you are not happy with, clean it again.
  2. Fix or replace any broken or damaged furniture or appliances. The bill from the landlord is likely to be a lot more than doing it yourself.
  3. Ask your landlord or letting agent for the final inspection checklist to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything.
  4. Read your moving-in inventory to check everything is still in place and in the same state.
  5. If you know you hate cleaning or are never that thorough, then pay for a professional. They will be methodical and thorough, ensuring that you get your deposit back.

Landlords and letting agents will not be hunting for problems so they don’t have to return your deposit. They just want to ensure they don’t have to spend any more money cleaning the property for the next tenant.
New tenant moving in
If you have done everything necessary they will happily return your deposit as they don’t need to waste any more time, effort or money on the property before letting it again.

Pure Cleaning Scotland’s End of Tenancy Service

At Pure Cleaning, our cleaners are experienced in end of tenancy cleaning. We aim to provide 100% satisfaction with our service. Please get in touch for free no obligation quote.

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