How To Keep An Office Clean

How to help your staff keep their office space tidy

Let’s face it, there is always (at least) one untidy person in the office.  You know the one. Clutter everywhere, eats at desk, bin overflowing.

Messy office desk with food

It isn’t really fair on the rest of the team and if your office is used to meet clients, an untidy office sends out the wrong message.  You want to be seen as organised and efficient and it only takes one employee to spoil it for the others.


We are also living in a time of political correctness and many office managers may feel they can’t put the blame on one person, especially if the dirty desk is shared with others. So what can you do?


  1. Put up an office tidy reminder notice

  2. A gentle reminder of office policy will increase the likelihood that employees will keep a tidier workspace.  Make it a weekly policy and remind them that a clear, clean desk is not only necessary for hygiene reasons, but also to keep any sensitive information safe and secure too. No one needs to be shamed.


    Keep your desk tidy signKeep your reminder notice brief and to the point. There are hundreds of examples online and they are very effective.  Make sure they are posted throughout the office and not just over the culprit’s desk.


  3. Discourage eating at your desk

  4. It may surprise you to know that the dirtiest place in an office isn’t the toilet.  It is your desk.

    Many employees eat at their desks, dropping crumbs and other bits of food on the keyboards. That old food is a perfect breeding ground for germs.  You may have to provide a kitchen and eating area for your staff to stop them eating at their workplace but you could also encourage them to go outside for lunch.  Many studies have shown how getting away from your desk during the day is good for your health.

    If space is at a premium then you should provide wipes for keyboards, telephones and computers.  It won’t cut out all the bacteria but it would be a start.


  5. Office refrigerator etiquette

  6. If your office has a fridge, shared amongst all the staff, then you have to make rules or you will find that old food left for months will come to life with bacteria.

    Suggest that if anyone keeps food in the fridge then it has to be stored in air tight containers and labeled by the owner. If it isn’t labeled then it will be disposed of.  Again, a simple notice on the fridge will reiterate office policy and prevent the spread of illness.

    Of course, everybody has certain things they need to have on their desk to enable them to do the job properly.  Occasionally, especially at busy times, some clutter is inevitable but the above practices should prevent it becoming a bigger problem.


We would suggest employing an office cleaner (of course we would).  Encouraging office cleanliness is the best policy but you can’t expect your staff to clean toilets, carpets and windows.  We have a specialised cleaning team who would be happy to do that for you.


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