Janitorial Services for Businesses in Scotland

At Pure Cleaning we offer a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning services for businesses in Glasgow and Edinburgh. We understand that every business is unique and has its own particular cleaning requirements.

If you simply need regular window cleaning or annual carpet cleaning we are happy to help. However, for those companies that need janitorial services we do offer a comprehensive service.

What are janitorial services?

A janitor will not only keep your premises clean but will carry out some maintenance tasks. In addition to cleaning, janitorial services typically include:

  1. Stocking the toilets and washrooms with toilet paper, paper towels and soap
  2. Supplying the restrooms with clean, dry towels
  3. Organising regular uplifts of sanitary disposal units
  4. Emptying bins and removing rubbish from the premises
  5. Changing light bulbs
  6. Cleaning cooking facilities in staff rooms to ensure they are hygienic at all times eg removing old food from fridges, and cleaning microwaves
  7. Stocking vending machines and replacing water in water coolers

Why Do Businesses Need Janitorial Services?

For many businesses these services are just another expense and they will decide to carry them out themselves. However, we believe there are several reasons why it is worth paying for a commercial cleaning company to do this work.

janitorial cleaning green rubber glovesYour business has customers visiting the premises that may use the toilet facilities. Nobody likes an unclean restroom but if your business relies on customers visiting your premises they must be clean and fully stocked.
janitorial services signThe tasks will get done when contracted to do so. If they are left to employees they will get forgotten during busy periods.
office workerDepending on your business, staff may not be happy to take on these tasks especially if they are dressed for meeting customers or sitting at a desk.
janitorial cleaning green rubber glovesIt is usually more cost-effective to pay for a cleaner or janitor to carry out these services and leave staff to do what they are paid to do.
janitorial services signThere won’t be staff squabbles over whose turn it is to empty the fridge or re-stock the toilets.

Janitorial Services Offered by Pure Cleaning

Prior to providing you with a quote for our services we will meet with you and visit your premises to discuss fully which services you need, the time of day you need them and how often. Some tasks may be daily, some weekly and some such as carpet cleaning only every 6 months.

We have years of experience providing these services in various industries and can advise what we believe will be required to keep your premises clean, hygienic and in good condition.
Please get in touch to book an appointment or to discuss your cleaning and janitorial requirements.

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