5 Reasons Why Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning is Superior

Carpets need to be cleaned as well as vacuumed regularly. Vacuuming will remove dust and everyday dirt, but to remove deep grime and bacteria requires the application of detergent and a carpet cleaner. There are a variety of techniques for cleaning carpets. We offer them all:

  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Carbonated Cleaning
  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Dry Fusion


Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning

dry fusion carpet cleaning

Dry Fusion carpet cleaning has been developed to respond better to the type of carpets that we have today. Today’s carpets have shorter denser pile.  As a result, air flow is reduced and the carpet is slower to dry. Not only is it wetter for longer, but dirt is left in the carpet due to the reduced air flow.  Dry Fusion has been developed to overcome this type of carpet fabric and will leave your carpet cleaner than ever.

There are different carpet cleaning methods available, so why choose Dry Fusion? We have detailed 5 great reasons why it is superior to other carpet cleaning methods.


5 Reasons Why Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning is Superior


  1. Carpets Are Cleaner

Your carpet is cleaner because it lifts more dirt and grime and leaves little behind unlike other methods. If water is left in the carpet pile, then dirt is left there too. Dry Fusion uses hot water to clean, then deodorises, applies a stain protector and then heat dries the carpet.

  1. Carpets Dry Quickly

Your carpet is dry very quickly unlike other carpet cleaning methods. The drying time is 30 minutes. As a result, your home or office can function normally again very quickly.

  1. Gentle on Carpets

Dry Fusion technology removes oily stains at a neutral PH which is beneficial to the carpet. Some carpet cleaning methods employ a high PH prespray which can damage the carpet pile.

  1. Stain Protector

A stain protector is applied which prevents dirt from harbouring in the carpet so the carpets stay cleaner for longer.

  1. Environmentally- Friendly

The Dry Fusion solutions are biodegradable so there are no harsh chemicals which will pollute our rivers for decades to come.


For superior cleaning of carpets without the inconvenience, Dry Fusion is the best choice.  We are trained to use this system and both commercial and domestic customers have enjoyed the benefit of this carpet cleaner.

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