Top 4 Reasons Why An Office Should Be Cleaned Regularly

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Business premises gather a lot of dirt and grime over a working week.  People walk in with outdoor shoes on, they may eat their lunch at their desk leaving crumbs and empty drinks containers, things get dropped from desks never to be picked up.  And that’s without the unmentionables happening in the toilets! So it is important that offices are cleaned for staff regularly.  It is not uncommon to see vermin and cockroaches scampering around at night in business premises belonging to large corporations. These are attracted to the easy pickings of leftover food from staff lunches.

Why it is important to clean your office

It is very important for a number of reasons:

  1. Staff don’t want to work in dirty areas. It is unhygienic and also uncomfortable to be around grime and dirt. If desks and work areas aren’t cleaned regularly, bugs and germs will spread. This can lead to staff absences due to illness. It is estimated that each year, staff illness cost UK businesses £29 bn a year . On average each worker is off for 9.1 days a year. Genuine sickness can be reduced by ensuring that offices are cleaned regularly.
  2. Presentation to your customers. If a client walks into an office which looks dirty and disorganised, it is a signal that you don’t feel it necessary to impress them. It also implies to the client that your work is also sloppy and untidy. A well-presented clean office will immediately make customers feel that they are entering a professional workplace.
  3. Eliminate unsavoury night time visitors. Rats and mice are attracted to rubbish and food. In a city there is no doubt that that they are our neighbours. However, we don’t always want our neighbours to visit. Regular vacuuming of carpets and emptying of bins nightly is very important to reduce the risk of vermin.
  4. Show the staff you respect them. If a business owner will not invest in office cleaners, the impression to staff is that they are not being respected. This leads to apathy and even staff attrition as they seek to find more pleasant working environments.  The top 100 best companies to work for reveal Google as the leader. This is because Google invests in their staff and gives lots of perks. It is obvious that small businesses can’t compete with the likes of Google, but at least cleaning the premises regularly is a basic requirement to keep staff onside and productive.

Businesses have a lot of costs to bear and regular cleaning may not be a priority. However if you consider the problems and issues which can occur by not regularly cleaning business premises, it is not an effective solution to cutting costs.

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